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Shakila .T. Shamsu

Formerly OFFICER ON SPECIAL DUTY ( New Education Policy)

Department of Higher Education

Ministry of Education, Government of India

Secretary ,

Committee to Draft National Education Policy


Rising Beyond The Ceiling (RBTC) offers a women's mentorship programme which is open to all young women and girls living in India and is ongoing. The inspiring role model mentors are Muslim women in various professions.

Research & Publications

  • Contributor-Chapter 5 ECCE Quality and its impact on higher education, Pencil Power Report, Square Panda Foundation. 

  • Wadia L.C., Shamsu S.T. (2020) The Indian Higher Education System. In: Sarangapani P.M., Pappu R. (eds) Handbook of Education Systems in South Asia. Global Education Systems. Springer, Singapore.

  • Holistic Implementation of National Education Policy–2020: A Roadmap – University News , New Delhi, Special Issue, Vol.59 No. 15, April 12-18 pp-57-66.

  • The New Education Policy-its approach and criticism, Edited Dr. Ekbal, DC Books, 2020, Kottayam pp 13-32

  • Govt. of Haryana, Department of Higher Education, Drishtikon  Journal, August 2020 Vol.1, No.4 , National Education Policy 2020- Background and salient features pp 16-24

  • Emerging Paradigm of Information and Communication Technologies in Education: The Indian Context, IJOL 

  • Interactive Mechanisms in Distance Education- Perception of Academic Counsellors in the ODL System, I

  • ICT Policies and Missions in India

  • Role of modular Courses/Finishing Schools in filling the gap between education and employability

  • Industry Academy linkages in the global era: Issues of employability of engineers

  • For contributing inputs and content editing acknowledged. In Veerappa Moily Unleashing India- the Fire of Knowledge

  • Allocation of budgetary resources for adult education. In Compendium on literacy and inclusive education

  • Urgent Need to Revive and reform the values of Human Life


Details of the Internship Projects

  • Shariq Plasticwala (June 2011-August 2011)- Report on Meta-University in India- roadmap to the university of the future

  • Sanya Ohri (January to May 2014). Technology Enabled Learning, to design an implementation policy in India, IIT Delhi

  • Kamini Sharma (10.04.2015- 25.06.2015) -Analysis of Online Suggestions relating to New Education Policy, Jamia Milia Islamia University

  • Rahul Gupta (17.04.2015 to 26.06.2015)-Analysis of Online Suggestions relating to New Education Policy

  • Shakeel Ahemed Quereshi(22.06.2015-29.02.2016)-A Critical Review of Foreign Education Regulatory Bill in India

  • Ramanand Pandey- (22.06.2015-29.02.2016) A study of online suggestions in thematic areas of inclusion and access

  • Ritika Sachdeva(03.08.2015- 05.10.2015)- Bridging Gender and Regional Disparities in Higher Education in India

  • Abhishek Damani(13.08.2018-19.10.2018)- Analysis of Themes relating to New Education Policy

  • Pranshi Goyal(27.05.2019-26.07.2019)- A study of the recommendations and consultations for the drafting of ‘National Education Policy 2019, University of Delhi

  • Anurag Vishwakarma(09.12.2019-12.02.2020)- An analysis of Liberal Arts Education Universities in the world in the context of New Education Policy and implementation of liberal arts education in India through Clustering of Higher Education Institutions. Sardar Vallabhbhai National Institute of Technology, Surat.

  • Chirag Jindal(06.01.2020-24.02.2020)- ARPIT Insights, ABV-IIITM, Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh



Media Acknowledgement of Shakila T. Shamsu